About Peritia

Peritia (Purr-ee-shah) comes from the Latin – practical knowledge and experience.

Peritia was established to provide independent advice and support to New Zealand businesses and organisations that want to take control and shape their technology futures.

Meet Our Team

Lynley Lee

Lynley Lee

Principal Consultant. Technology Transformation Strategist. Board Technology Governance.

Lynley returned to her home town of Nelson in 2013 and founded Peritia Ltd, she leads the team and is committed to ensuring that our customers get the best value from our services.

An experienced and respected CIO and Consultant, Lynley has worked for and with large New Zealand and multi-national businesses, and Government and Local Authority organisations for over 20 years.

A digital technology thought leader, Lynley is often asked to present to business and technology audiences and regularly presents at New Zealand’s premier IT conference ITX.

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Greg Smith

Greg Smith

Principal Consultant. Technology Transformation Strategist. ERP Strategist. Board Technology Governance.

Based in Christchurch, Greg brings strategic focus, extensive industry experience and practical execution skills to the team.

An outstanding Digital Technology Consultant, former Director of Technology and CIO, Greg is respected locally and internationally for his commercially focussed, innovative and entrepreneurial approach.

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Gordon Munro

Gordon Munro

Principal Consultant. Technology Transformation and Transition Consultant. Programme and Project Leadership

Based in Nelson, Gordon brings a practical approach, an in-depth knowledge of digital technologies and proven project planning and execution skills to the team.

A respected Project Manager with more than 20 years’ experience, Gordon is highly regarded in the digital technology community leading projects across multiple disciplines and working closely with existing technology teams.

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Diane Moore

Diane Moore

Researcher and Writer. Digital Business Trends Strategist. Strategic Business Specialist.

Based in Auckland, Diane brings experience from over 20 years in IT consultancy, project management, strategic business analysis and technical documentation to the team.

Diane’s special areas of interest include critical and innovative thinking and the impact of digital technologies on industries and sectors, leadership and the wider socio-economic environment.

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Meet Our Associates

Darrin Brinsden

Business Change Consultant. Programme Leader.

Darrin specialises in leading complex business and technology programmes and projects; building successful teams that respect diversity and foster innovation.


Hamish Crombie

Digital Technology Consultant. Programme and Project Leader.

Hamish draws from broad industry experience. A senior consultant, with strong project governance skills and a specialist in digital content management.


Leonè Friis

Business Analyst. Project Manager. Problem Solver.

Leonè has practical experience and proven expertise in business and business technology. A business analyst and project manager confident in fast paced Agile development environments.


Michael Harte

Financial Management Consultant. Business Advisor.

Michael thrives on complex business challenges that require extensive consultation, engagement and change management.


Adrian King

Digital Technology Consultant. Project Manager

Adrian has a business led focus and proven success in leading diverse technology projects across a wide variety of business and government organisations.

Our Key Attributes

Effective Communicators

We understand that business leaders are busy people. We provide well researched, targeted information delivered in a concise and effective manner.

Focussed on What’s Important

We work with businesses to urgently resolve issues and then position the organisation to identify and take advantage of digital opportunities.

Honest and Open

We are skilled at building understanding between technology professionals and business people, and we are excellent at finding things out (i.e. we find the answer or find someone who has the answer).

If we don’t understand, we don’t know, or we don't agree, we will say so.


We have strong professional business and technology relationship networks and are experienced at bringing business and technology teams together to deliver innovative solutions.


We willingly exchange ideas and share our understanding around emerging business and digital technology trends.

Interested and Passionate

We are business and technology professionals: genuinely interested in all types of organisation and business endeavour and passionate about innovation and digital technologies.

Interested In Becoming an Associate?

If you believe you have the right attributes, knowledge and experience we would be happy to meet with you, perhaps share a coffee or tea and discuss current opportunities.

For more information or to arrange a meeting contact us.