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Lynley Lee Presents at ITx 2016 "Fit for the Future - Preparing Business for Digital Change"

ITx is New Zealand's technology mega-conference; held every two years, it is a collaboration of twelve tech-focused conferences with more than 150 talks, presentations, panels and sessions.

ITx “attracts the absolute best innovators, leaders and experts in the technology sector”, we are therefore proud to say that we were at this year’s ITx not only as delegates, but also to see our Principal Consultant Lynley Lee, present her paper “Fit for the Future – Preparing Business for Digital Change”.

Based on Peritia’s experience and knowledge in leading businesses and not-for-profit organisations through digital change, the presentation firstly identified key competitive and technological forces driving the need for business change.

Lynley shared a thought model that Peritia has developed to help us explain why we believe:

  • the focus of IT has changed and we choose to mark that change by expanding IT to embrace all aspects of Business Technology (BT).
  • the focus of business is changing and we choose to use the 20th / 21st Century model to help our clients understand the Business Technology shift.

In order to meet the challenges and capture the opportunities created by these rapidly maturing digital business technologies, Lynley explained how Peritia has been working with businesses and organisations to develop and implement digital change in a new partnership approach.

At Peritia we seek first to understand before trying to be understood (a key principle based on the works of thought leader Stephen Covey).

In each engagement, Peritia actively focuses first on all facets of the business. In practice this means that we:

  • meet with people throughout the business; to learn what they do and what is important to them
  • research to understand what “digital” currently means for their business
  • identify what “digital” could mean for their business

Finally, we look for opportunities and threats (risks) arising from the existing technology environment and explore potential investments in a range of digital technologies.

During this process, and when we reflect back, we begin to develop a common language for our client’s business. We work to dispel mysteries and fears that often arise from the use of buzz words and jargon to describe digital technologies, emerging threats and the changing competitive landscape.

In close partnership with the business leadership, a clear vision for their Business Technology environment is identified and achievable business change initiatives are decided upon. It is understood that in this fast paced digital environment this is not a “set and forget” exercise, but an ongoing dialogue.

A key success factor identified by Peritia in this process is the need for active and full engagement by all of the business leadership. This was a strong theme of presenters at ITx; recognising and actively promoting the important role for IT professionals (internal and external advisors) in Executive and Board level planning and decision making.

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