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ITx 2018 Digital Technologies Create Strategic Opportunities for Technology Professionals

In this 2018 ITx presentation, Lynley encouraged CIO’s and aspiring CIO’s, from organisations of any size, to reframe their perception of the threats and challenges arising from digital technologies, into opportunities to:

  • increase their strategic influence
  • become a catalyst for business innovation and growth
  • increase the digital resilience of their organisation

Traditional Role for IT Managers and Many CIO’s

Often reporting to an Executive (traditionally the Chief Financial Officer), IT leadership and management has generally been expected to, or only had time to, maintain a tactical focus, with little opportunity to make a strategic contribution to the organisation. IT has been expected to wait to be told what the business would like to do, and then to make that happen.

The Threats

Threats and challenges in IT service provision today include (but are not limited to):

  • Cyber Security Threats and Regulatory Requirements
  • Need for Advanced Digital Skills
  • Increasing levels of Shadow IT
  • Increasing speed, complexity and interconnection
  • Board and Senior Management Perception and Expectations

IT Leadership Opportunities

The threats that arise from digital technologies provide an opportunity for the CIO to redirect their focus:

  • From “keeping the lights on” and delivering solutions for pre-existing business requirements.
  • Toward building “digital resilience” and redefining what is possible for their organisation.

As boards and business leaders increase their engagement in cyber security and data protection, either through choice or regulation, they will be seeking knowledge and advice.

Agile, iterative approaches provide opportunities for IT leaders to deliver tangible and visible results at pace.

IT leaders can position themselves to meet these needs by building confidence and understanding at the Board and C-Suite level and by demonstrating that the IT team can work within the business to actively lead or contribute to innovation and growth.

“The most successful CIOs care less about power and more about impact and results. They serve as facilitators and consensus builders who can bring leaders together to identify purpose and vision. As business and technology problems grow increasingly complex, the best CIOs are humble leaders who take in a great deal of learning from their networks....The best way to succeed is to share responsibility instead of dividing power.” MIT Sloan CIO Symposium 2017

If you would like to read the full paper, please contact Lynley Lee by email.

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