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Why IT Projects Fail

Why IT Projects Fail


The lack of a clear business case is at the root of most IT project failures.

We believe there are no “IT Projects”. The decision to purchase, or implement, an IT or digital solutions has a beginning. That beginning is the desire to solve a business problem, or the recognition (by someone in the business) that a new technology or digital solution can provide business benefit.

However, when the business starts looking for a technology solution, or if someone seemingly presents the business with exactly the “right technology solution”; the focus moves away from the business and onto the technology.

At this point it becomes an “IT project”. You can recognise an “IT Project” it is often named after the technology solution being implemented.

How business cases can help keep projects focussed on the business

Whether formally created, or just written on a napkin, it is the analysis and thinking (preferably before a technology solution is even thought of), that goes into the development of a “business case” that is important. The document (or napkin) becomes a touchstone keeping everyone focussed on why it all began and what is trying to be achieved.

It can help to ensure that everyone remains grounded and that important business issues, like customer benefit, cultural change, business risk, process change, training, user support and documentation are not forgotten.

When the focus remains on the business, and not the technology, our experience shows that business projects are less likely to fail.