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ITx Rutherford 2019: Building a Digital Foundation for a Digital World

Lynley was selected to present at ITx Rutherford in October 2019. Held in Nelson, this spin-off from ITx, New Zealand’s premier tech conference, retains the same Innovation, Technology and Education focus, but is run in the year between the biannual event and has a more relaxed atmosphere and less formal presentation format.

For ITx Rutherford, Lynley chose to focus on the need for organisations of all sizes and in all industries and sectors, to build a strong and stable Digital Foundation: enabling and empowering them to close the productivity gap today and innovate into the future.


New Zealand is perceived to be an innovative nation. Our innovation is said to have a distinctive character which is:

“..robust and resourceful, often multi-disciplinary, breaks boundaries, challenges preconceptions and tackles traditional problems in innovative ways.”

And yet global indices identify a pattern in which New Zealand continues to languish and slide in key innovation and productivity metrics and, despite positive government initiatives, is dropping behind comparative nations. 

If our wider business environment is innovation positive, and we are recognised for having a creative and innovative workforce, why are most of our businesses (and in turn New Zealand as a whole) becoming comparatively less productive, less competitive and less innovative?

Lynley began by looking back at the great IT Foundations we have built in the past, on site or off site, in data centres.

Accepted Need For Change

Cloud delivered services and solutions have rapidly gained national and international acceptance; there is a clear understanding among business leaders that, for most, on-premise siloed software services need to be rapidly migrated to a cloud foundation, or more properly, fully re-imagined as enterprise wide, cloud native business solutions.

Lynley stressed the importance of organisations not simply replacing their old applications with cloud apps and continuing to do the same things in the same way.

The Productivity Gap Challenge

Highlighting the large and growing productivity gap in New Zealand, Lynley presented current Government statistics; “Labour productivity in the current cycle is at just 1 percent” (this is down from an already low 1.3% productivity gain during the 2000 to 2008 cycle). Many may argue that this is a global issue, however, New Zealand has also dropped its world productivity ranking from 13, in 2012 to 22 today.

As a nation, and in many organisations, we are going in the wrong direction; technology, well executed, could contribute to reversing this trend.

Looking to the Future: Leading the Change

Organisations of all sizes realise that they need to rapidly re-imagine their business operations and service delivery processes; leveraging the capabilities and flexibility of a cloud delivered and data driven core business foundation to improve productivity and provide a stable and reliable platform for sustainable innovation.

IT professionals are well positioned to help their organisations and clients make this leap forward. We need to be leading the change, not protecting what we have already built.

Lynley identified focussing on business outcomes, learning to listen and seeking to fully understand business issues and aspirations as important principles and capabilities.

Concluding her presentation in a call to action: if your organisation’s foundation is not digital – then get moving, create a sense of urgency. You are already behind.